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Your Voice over IP telephone system

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Advantages of 3CX

The versatile software telephone system

Cost savings

Forget high telephone bills.
With VoIP [Voice over IP], you can use your existing Internet to make low-cost or even free calls – nationally and internationally.


Work from anywhere and still stay seamlessly connected with your team and your customers.
With our VoIP telephone system, you are not tied to your office.

Advanced functions

Enjoy a variety of functions to make your communication more efficient:

  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Conference calls


Whether you are a small business or a large company.
Our VoIP telephone system can be easily customised to your company’s needs.
And grows with your success.

Improved customer service

By integrating customer management tools and other applications [CRM, PMS Hotel, Microsoft 365, website], you can improve the quality of your customer service.
And increase customer satisfaction.

Why 3CX with

The easiest way to your telephone system

Your advantages

  • Any number of extensions / users / telephones
  • Connection of remote locations + home office
  • Make calls via smartphone app
  • Answering machine by e-mail
  • Software always new + up-to-date
  • Microsoft 365 integration
  • Maintenance and support by the team

How does it work?

No matter how you want to operate 3CX:

  • Dedicated hardware
  • Existing virtualisation platform e.g. VMware, Proxmox
  • Cloud supplies turnkey 3CX systems and takes over the maintenance and administration of the systems for you.

Which devices are used to make calls?






CP965 Conference Phone




W57R (Rugged)


Softphone (PC / Laptop)


3CX WebClient


Android / iOS App

Do you run a hotel?

  • Integration in property management system (Fidelio, RoomMaster, Hilton etc.)
  • Do not disturb mode for room telephone can be activated by guests
  • Blocking of external calls for unoccupied rooms
  • Setting up wake-up calls
  • Billing of calls made by room telephone (via Fidelio PMS)
  • Notification of room status by housekeeping/room service

CRM integration

and many more…

  • Know who is calling – Source: CRM data
  • Call contact directly from CRM
  • Integration service by for SQL databases