+ Dataminer

Integrate everything.


However you want.

Successful navigation into digital networking for service providers of all sizes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Trust from leading companies

Why Dataminer

You don’t get stuck in the modernisation cul-de-sac, but create incredibly connected experiences between your employees, data, partners and customers.

AI + Data + Network Operation Center

– networking and automate.

Dataminer is the faster alternative to complex, heavyweight suites and lightweight standalone solutions that can’t deliver what’s next on your digital transformation journey.

Free yourself from the chaos of integration

Transform all your individual solutions into an exceptionally efficient and powerful network management system and get a user-friendly “single-pane-of-glass” for your eco-system.

The time of your expert teams is precious

Standardise all your data on one platform, automate recurring processes and take the pressure off your expert teams.


Open monitoring and orchestration software for IT, media and broadband platforms.


Innovative integration now:

Connect all applications, data, employees and customers with Dataminer and create a single source of truth for your eco-systems in real time.

How your Dataminer project works

Fast and risk-free outsourcing

  1. Get to know us
    We will introduce you to Dataminer in a 60-minute web meeting.
    You give us an indication of which open system management points you would like to improve.
    You will receive a rough estimate of the required cost framework.
  2. Test position
    We install a Dataminer basic system in your network environment.
    The test system includes all licences, options and data connectors for a period of 3 months.
    After a clear system introduction, you can try out Dataminer in detail.
  3. Offer
    You will then receive a suitable offer from us and can transfer the configured test system directly into live operation.
    This saves you time and money and your network operations team can start working with Dataminer immediately.

With + Dataminer you become more productive, reduce your costs and shorten the time to market for new services

Dataminer integration with process automation takes the pressure off your team, allowing you to focus more on innovation and less on maintenance.

Our strengths

As a certified Dataminer partner, we provide you with Dataminer software licences, data connectors and customer support.

You benefit from our IT / media expert know-how and years of integration experience with international Dataminer projects.

We programme Dataminer-compliant data connectors for smooth integration at a fixed price.

First and second level support directly from the responsible DEVops engineer - no ifs, ands or buts.